The Experience

Visiting Clip 'n Climb Leeds is really easy. Simply book your climbing session online via our website and arrive on time ready to have lots of fun! You don't need any previous climbing experience and no specific climbing equipment is required. Check out the the stages of the Clip 'n Climb experience below.

Step one
Step one

Step one

Book your session through our online system.

Step two
Step two

Step two

Arrive at least 5-10 mins before your booked session to ensure we have enough time to sign you in and place your belongings in a locker.

Step three
Step three

Step three

Your briefing session will start, you’ll be harnessed up and one of our instructors will talk you through the safety information. This may last up to 30 minutes.

Step four
Step four

Step four

Time to Clip ‘n Climb – you will have a full 55 mins in the climbing arena, then 5 mins to debrief and remove harness.

Step five
Step five

Step five

Refuel and relax with some fresh, wholesome and delicious food and drink in the Clip 'n Climb Cafe.

Step six
Step six

Step six

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Pre-booking of your Clip ‘n Climb session is highly recommended as our sessions fill up quickly. You can call in on the spur of the moment but there is no guarantee that we will have spaces available.

If one parent or guardian is bringing multiple children, some of which are not his own, that adult is responsible for that group.


For large party reservations or exclusive bookings please email or call us click here for contact details.


Ticking the box on our booking system means you have read and agreed to this Acknowledgement of Risk and the Booking, Cancellation & Refund Policy.


Climbing is considered as potentially dangerous activity that can lead to serious injury if safety procedures are not followed.
All participants are required to adhere to the rules stipulated in the ‘Rules for Climbers’ poster and any additional safety information given by centre staff. BOEM Leisure Ltd t/a Clip ‘n Climb Leeds cannot be held responsible for any participants acting outside of these rules laid down for their safety and well-being.
These include but are not limited to:

It is not the responsibility of Clip ‘n Climb Leeds to know whether or not a customer is medically fit and able to climb. All participants must make Clip ‘n Climb Leeds staff aware of any past or existing injuries that may affect your participation. If you are in any doubt about your ability to participate, we advise you to speak to a member of Clip ‘n Climb Leeds staff. By taking part, you acknowledge that you are in a fit state of health to participate and do not have a medical condition that may be triggered or aggravated by participating in activities in the climbing arena.

All participants are required to sign an acknowledgement of risk agreeing to Clip ‘n Climb Leeds Terms & Conditions before they can begin climbing in the arena. Customers booking online are required to acknowledge and agree to the Terms & Conditions as part of the online booking process. Customers making a booking for a birthday party, group sessions, or a private event will be sent a confirmation email containing our full Terms & Conditions to share with all participants/parents or legal adult guardians and will be required to sign the acknowledgement of risk on behalf of their party/group. Any other customers will need to complete and sign the acknowledgement of risk when they arrive at Reception.

Food & Drink:

To manage Social Distancing at the centre entry to our Diner is only available once you and your group have been through the harnessing and briefing stage of your visit. This is to allow a steady flow of customers in our Diner which now has a reduced capacity.

We politely request that you do not plan to eat before climbing to enable us to manage and maintain the flow of customers due to our social distancing requirements.

Customers and guests are NOT PERMITTED to consume food or drink at Clip ‘n Climb Leeds unless it has been purchased from our on-site Woodpeckers Diner except for weaning babies.

Unfortunately, our water fountain within our climbing arena is currently out of use due to Covid-19 so you can bring your own filled water bottle to consume during your session – but only water is allowed within the climbing arena. Usually we are also happy for you to bring your own reusable coffee cups when placing an order from our Woodpeckers Diner but unfortunately again due to Covid-19 this is currently unavailable.

The only other exception is linked to cakes for birthday parties, and this will be explained by our events co-ordinator when making a birthday party booking.

Customer Property:

Lockers are available to store items securely and all items are stored at your own risk. Clip ‘n Climb Leeds will NOT accept any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to valuables or any personal possessions that belong to any customer or guest during their visit to our centre.

Please email or call 01132 458723 to speak with reception for all lost property inquiries. If your item is found, it will be held for a maximum period of 2 days, after which time the item will be donated to charity if it remains unclaimed. Clip ‘n Climb Leeds accepts no responsibility for returning lost property items to you, or for any items that remain unclaimed within this time frame.

Antisocial Behaviour:

Clip ‘n Climb Leeds will not accept any antisocial behaviour in the climbing arena or anywhere within the centre.

If any customers or guests are abusive to any other visitor or a member of our staff, Clip ‘n Climb Leeds reserves the right to remove the offending person from the premises without any refund. There is a zero-tolerance approach to banned substances.

Consumption of alcohol/drugs is prohibited unless this has been agreed as part of a private event booking, where alcohol is only to be consumed by customers after they have finished climbing in the arena. Those bringing unauthorised alcohol/drugs into the centre will be asked to leave. Customers are not permitted to take part in climbing activities under the influence of alcohol/drugs; Clip ‘n Climb Leeds staff reserve the right to refuse access to the arena if they suspect you may be under the influence of alcohol/drugs or any banned substance.



Booking Policy:

Please check that you have selected the correct Clip ‘n Climb, Clip ‘n Climb Leeds is based at Unit 3, Tristram Centre, Brown Lane West, Leeds LS12 6BF.

When booking please ensure you review current UK Government guidelines and Local restrictions right up to the point of your visit.  We are working to these guidelines to help reduce the levels of infection of Covid-19.

Bookings must be made by those aged 18+. In making any booking with Clip ‘n Climb Leeds, you accept all the Terms & Conditions specified. Please do not make a booking with Clip ‘n Climb Leeds or purchase any related products or vouchers until you have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions.

All standard climbing sessions, private hire, group bookings, parties and corporate team building events must be paid for in advance, otherwise you or your group will not be allowed to participate.

Booking confirmations will be delivered by email to the email address provided through our booking system online or by a member of our team when you have booked a birthday party or group event. If you do not receive your booking confirmation, please contact us immediately so that we can re-send to an alternative email address.

Please note that we strongly advise arriving 10 minutes before your scheduled booking slot to allow you enough time to sign in at reception so you are fully prepared for your climbing session. Each climbing session booking slot is 90 minutes in duration – including your 30-minute safety briefing and harness fitting, you will have a full 55 mins in the climbing arena, then 5 mins to debrief and remove harness.

Cancellations & Refund Policy:

Despite the best planning possible, we appreciate that life happens and you may need to cancel your booking with us:

Post Covid-19

Cancelling due to Covid-19 symptoms past the 48hrs you will not get a refund, but you will be able to re-arrange your booking however…

If you have any Covid-19 symptoms, please do not come to the centre. Call us on 01132 458723 to rebook your session, free of charge, for a time at least 3 weeks from your initial booking.

Due to UK Government Guidelines constantly being updated if you are required to wear a face covering and you turn up without one you can purchase a disposable mask for £1.50 a reusable mask for £3.50 or a Clip ‘n Climb neck tube for £5.50.

We encourage the wearing of face coverings when climbing for all age groups where possible to lower the risk of cross infection.

If you are a group booking please ensure you review current UK Government guidelines and Local restrictions right up to the point of your visit.  We are working to these guidelines to help reduce the levels of infection of Covid-19.

Standard Climbing Sessions:

Full payment is required in order to book your standard climbing session with Clip ‘n Climb Leeds. Once you have
booked your climbing session online via our website, we will issue a full refund for cancellations made up until 48 hours before your booked slot.

Refunds will NOT be given to any booking made within the 48-hour period prior to your booked slot. This includes booking the wrong centre.

Please email or call 01132 458723 to speak with reception for all cancellations.

Birthday Parties:

Your £100 deposit will be non-refundable if your party is cancelled within 35 days of your booking date.

You are required to contact us 7 days before your party date to confirm your final birthday party numbers; this will allow us to calculate your final amount payable for the day of the birthday party.

Whilst we can appreciate that some children may drop out last minute (e.g. due to sickness), unfortunately we will not be able to refund for these individuals within the 7-day period once you have confirmed your final birthday party numbers.

Our minimum number for a birthday party is 10 so your final amount payable would always be based from the minimum of 10 or more despite last minutes cancellations from individuals within the Birthday Party.

Please email for all birthday party cancellations.

Group Bookings:

Your £50 deposit will be non-refundable if cancelled within 7 days before your booking slot.

Please email for all group cancellations.

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