Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to book?

IIt’s always advisable to book online, especially at weekends and in the holidays as we often sell out places in session. Sometimes it is possible to book a session online even last minute on the day, but we cannot guarantee there will be availability!

You can easily check our availability 24hrs a day in our online booking centre. This is also the easiest way to book.

Do I have to book over the phone?

The easiest way to book is online, unless you are booking in with a voucher or trying to book a celebration package, in which case please give us a call on 01132 458723.

Do I have to book the Vertical Drop Slide in advance?

You can easily book this in advance if you wish, but it is usually possible to buy a Vertical Drop Slide on the day, your instructor will explain how to do this during your session briefing.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we do. They are available to purchase over the phone or in person. These can be posted to your home address for just a small surcharge to cover postage costs.

Do I need to hire any equipment?

No, all safety equipment will indeed be provided. Simply wear appropriate clothing for the activity. Note: Please be aware that we cannot allow particpants to wear their own climbing harnesses.

How much does a birthday party cost?

For a climbing only party, the cost is the same as a regular climbing session at £12.50 per person.

For a Climb ‘n Dine party, the cost is from £190 for up to 10 people (thereafter + £19 per person) this includes climbing and party food in our dedicated party area within Woodpeckers.


I have a 5 year old and an 8 year old, will they be together?

Yes. One of the great things about Clip ‘n Climb is that everyone climbs together!

Do Parents have to stay with the climbers the whole time?

Although parents do not have to stay in the arena, we do require 1 responsible adult to remain on site whilst the child is taking part in the activity (4-12 yrs. 12-17 yrs only permitted unsupervised with signed permission from a guardian with membership status. Please contact reception for details.)

Must my child be 4? What if they are 4 in 2 weeks?

Unfortunately although we all know that little monkeys can be awesome climbers our minimum age is 4, even if they are 4 in 2 weeks. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children are old enough to participate. Unfortunately, if we become aware that a participant is under age we are required to stop their further participation. In this instance you will not be entitled to a refund. Alternatively see our Parent & Toddler Sessions where under 4’s can climb, and toddlers can also play in our toddler corner.

My child has never climbed before, can I just book a session? How does it work?

Yes you can just book them into a session. Sessions are available for complete novices or even our regular weekly Clip ‘n Climbers. All climbers must attend our safety briefing and harness fitting. There are a range of climbing challenges in the arena which all work through the use of auto belays.

My child has done the Vertical Drop Slide before, will they be allowed to do it again?

The Vertical Drop Slide is subject to an additional cost of £2.50 as well as time and height restrictions of 120 cm. We will always endeavour to allow as many people as possible to participate however please be understanding if there is a longer wait on busy days. Unused tickets are transferable to your next visit, alternatively we are happy to refund unused tickets. If you have already participated once and wish to have a second slide please be understanding towards other people wishing to take part. We will allow a second go whenever time restrictions allow. Participants must be a minimum 120 cm for safety reasons. There is a height chart available at the centre.


What is suitable footwear & clothing?

We do not allow participants to wear any open toed shoes or high heels. So unfortunately this means that you cannot wear Crocs, flip flops or sandals. It is also really difficult to climb in wellies! We recommend that participants wear loose comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. Please do not wear skirts or dresses, If you chose to wear shorts, we recommend that they are slightly longer for your comfort as it is preferable if the harness isn’t sitting against the skin. Also it is recommended that shoulders are covered for the same reason.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last approximately one and half hours. The first half hour is a safety briefing and harness fitting (This may be shorter during quiet sessions). There is then approximately 1 hour in the arena and at the end of your session you will be asked to remove your harness before leaving the arena.

Example: If you have booked a 09:30 session:
Arrive at centre reception to check in at approx 09:20 am
Session briefing begins at 09:30 am
Up to half an hour safety briefing depending on session capacity
10 am – 11 am Climbing time!
10.55 am – Shout for ‘last climb’
11 am – Collect back harnesses & pats on the back all-round for being awesome!
11.05 am – Head to the Woodpeckers for a well-earned drink!

What if we arrive late?

If you arrive late and the safety briefing for your climbing session has begun your booking may be moved to the next available session.  However, if this is not possible for any reason you will be offered to re-book your session for another day.  Please note no refunds will be given. Please see our cancellation policy for more details.

Can adults climb? Will they be in the same area as the kids?

Yes adults can have a go too! We don’t think the fun should just be for the kids! At Clip ‘n Climb you all participate in the same arena.

Non Climbers in the arena


Non climbers are free of charge, however if you wish to join your group in the arena you will be required to join your group for the safety video and you will then be given a blue wristband.

Non climbers must be over 4 years of age to enter the arena

What is a Clipper?


Volunteering as a Clipper is a great way to be involved in the experience without committing to climbing yourself. Joining participants onto the safety lines is easy and we will show you how it works safely at the start of the session. It’s a great way to promote family interaction or involve all members of a group.

You will be required to join your group for the safety video and you will then be given a blue wristband.

Do I have to be a Clipper?

No. it is entirely up to you. Volunteering is a great experience for interaction with your group, but we understand that it isn’t for everyone. Clip ‘n Climb staff will also be circulating around the climbing arena attaching participants onto lines and ensuring that everyone is happy and enjoying themselves.

Do I have to Clip other people’s children?

We feel that one of the great things about Clip ‘n Climb is that parents have the opportunity to get involved in the experience by choosing to volunteer to become a clipper. If you do choose to volunteer of course you don’t have to clip everyone’s children – we understand that you want to interact with your family and friends. Clip ‘n Climb staff will also be circulating to ensure that anyone without a family member or friend clipping them is also enjoying their experience.

Which climbs are the easiest?

We have a smaller training area and a number of easier climbs, including Amazing, Hexed, and Big Cheese to name a few, but it’s probably best to ask our staff who are on hand and can give you a few tips if you are finding things a bit tricky. If you are finding things really easy our staff can also give you some harder challenges to try too!


Do you have lockers?

We have limited locker space. Any personal belongings are left at the owner’s risk.

Do you have wheel chair access?

Yes we do 🙂

Do you have somewhere for spectators?

We have a 60 seat diner and an additional party room.

This is all served by our in-house diner Woodpeckers.